With experience gained in Britain’s high-profile rail industry environment, our consultants have a deep understanding of the strategic issues that govern large-scale rail development.

We can advise national and regional governments, rail infrastructure owners and operators and funding agencies on the best way to structure, set up and run rail services.

Unlike many traditional consultants, our people have hands-on railway experience. We don’t base our analysis and recommendations on how railways behave in theory. Instead, we use our knowledge of what actually happens in practice.

Our expertise extends across the strategic spectrum, to cover aspects such as industry re-structuring, business planning and strategy development.

High-level rail expertise

We can also help with rail service franchising (including bidding, specification and evaluation), creation and negotiation of access agreements, network code (access conditions), customer satisfaction monitoring and train performance improvement plans.

Britain has the most liberalised rail market in the world. This makes us uniquely qualified to support other local or national governments keen to open up their rail services to competition.

Railways are capital-intensive organisations. Consequently, their funding, financial management and procurement processes have a significant impact on their performance.

We are well-positioned to assess different forms of funding from government and the private sector, and can support public/private partnership (PPP) initiatives through auditing and due diligence.

We can also help to reduce costs by auditing your procurement processes and identifying potential savings. We can work with you to implement a transparent, non-discriminatory tendering system which complies with international best practice, set up partnering alliances with major suppliers and sustain best practice.

Benchmarking against comparable rail organisations in other countries is one of the best ways to assess the management and operations of railway systems. Our consultants are experienced in organisational change and transformation management in the rail industry. This expertise can add value if you need to implement change to improve financial performance.

We have the tools to strengthen the operational performance regime for your rail services. This capability provides an efficient system for measuring and assessing performance and securing accountability among suppliers and contractors.

Our consultants can develop and advise on the introduction of health and safety management systems, rail systems assurance and approvals, competency management systems, risk assessments and near-miss/accident reporting and investigations.


  • Auditing & due diligence
  • Benchmarking
  • Business planning
  • Financial modelling
  • Funding advice
  • Institutional advice
  • Organisational change & transformation management
  • Performance regime design & management
  • Procurement advice
  • Rail franchising – bidding, specification & evaluation
  • Transaction advice
  • Safety