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California HSR

The State of California is currently embarking on a project to build a high speed railway line, capable of 240mph and linking San Francisco to Los Angeles in less than three hours.

The aim is for initial proof of concept running by 2022 and completion the scheme extending to Sacramento in the north and Anaheim in the south by 2029; totaling 800 miles with up to 24 stations.

Network Rail Consulting is providing operations, maintenance and systems integration experience to the California High Speed Rail project which is being led by the California High Rail Authority on behalf of the State of California. 

California HSR

This $40bn project will link San Francisco and Los Angeles with a running time of around 2 hours and 40 minutes, and a longer term aim of linking Sacramento (the capital city), Anaheim (the Disneyland resort) and economic development areas of California to create a world class high speed rail link.

The scheme will link with commuter and freight corridors and run a ‘blended’ service with existing rail providers at both the north and south end of the San Francisco to Los Angeles corridor.

This scheme is being driven by the State of California’s requirement to lower emissions, provide genuine competition for air travel and provide stimulus and growth in the State.

Network Rail Consulting is providing a number of engineers and specialists to advise the clients on policies and procedures that should be adopted as the railway progresses through the design and build elements over the coming years.

In addition Network Rail Consulting will help the client chose a provider to build, finance and maintain the high speed line elements over the eventual life of the franchise. Network Rail Consulting was chosen for the role of California High Speed rail consulting partner due to the strength and depth in the business relating to railway operations and maintenance, dealing with different freight and passenger operations in a commercial environment as well as a practical the first high speed line in the United Kingdom. 

California HSR

Network Rail Consulting will provide professional advice and consulting services for operations and maintenance for California High Speed Rail.

The main outputs of the project will be to:

  • provide California High Speed Rail operations and maintenance proposed standards for implementation;
  • deliver technical advice on operations and maintenance and proof of concept operations;
  • assist the client in selecting a preferred bidder for various different stages of the project from an operations and maintenance perspective; and
  • provide systems integration for the holistic engineering elements of the project.

Client: State of California

Location: California, USA

Start date: 2015

End date: 2022

Duration: 84 Months

Services provided: Asset management, operational infrastructure planning & optimisation, railway performance & whole life costing, timetabling