Systems Analysis

Making strategic decisions that deliver long-term results requires rigorous, detailed, quantified evidence.  Not just anecdotes. Our Systems Analysis Team can give you the hard data that you need to plan and operate your railway – including managing your legacy assets and building new railway schemes.

What we have done for Britain’s railway and what we can do for you

Our integrated analysis approach informs all major UK railway infrastructure investments and key decisions about existing or future network capabilities.

We optimise Network Rail’s outputs and minimise whole life costs by integrating systems analysis with both sides of the traditional project lifecycle for engineering programmes. Our Systems Analysis Team can help you to do the same for your railway.

Evaluating your network – at all levels

Using a range of methodologies, including formal analysis and simulation modelling, our consultants can give you independent insights into your network at:

  • the whole railway level - advising on trade-offs between capacity, performance and other key outputs
  • the function level – evaluating different complex and configurable sub-systems, such as high and low voltage power supplies, data and voice communication and control systems
  • the detailed asset level - monitoring and advising on the capability and reliability of individual products and comparing them to those used in the UK. 

All these elements can be integrated into a multi-year simulation of your railway using TRAIL (Train Reliability, Availability and Integrated Logistics).

Assessing different design and operational options

You can ask our Systems Analysis Team to model and analyse the different options that you are considering for the design and operation of your network. Using our own in-house modelling tools as well as proprietary tools, they can:    

  • baseline your existing network 
  • identify, test and optimise future options
  • conduct trade-off studies, option sensitivities and risk analyses.

Developing your own systems analysis team and capabilities

If you decide to build your own systems analysis team, we can assist.  

We’ll guide your team so they focus on producing useful information and don’t get stuck in perpetual analysis.

Once your team is set up, we can provide a confidential and independent review service.  You can ask us to assess whether their outputs are providing the rational evidence that you need to support your long-term and day-to-day decisions.

State-of-the art toolkit

Because of our experience on the UK railway, we have a comprehensive toolkit with many proven static analysis, dynamic simulation and formal optimisation tools and techniques: 

  • evaluating whole railway systems capability - including assessing capacity, journey time, reliability, maintainability and life cycle costs
  • determining attainable line speed, journey time and specification management using TIP (Train Infrastructure Performance)
  • Signalling Performance Assessment (SPA) 
  • Capacity Utilisation Indexing (CUI)
  • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) 
  • Life Cycle Cost modelling (LCC) 
  • full railway multi-year simulation using Train Reliability, Availability and Integrated Logistics (TRAIL)
  • Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA).


  • DRACAS (Data Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System) & reliability growth management
  • Formal reliability engineering
  • Formal safety assessment & systems integration
  • Function level configuration & evaluation
  • In-service analysis & reliability growth planning
  • Journey time analysis & capacity
  • Layout & signalling performance
  • Quality management systems & supplier quality assurance
  • Railway performance & whole life cost analysis
  • System workload/ duty cycle/tonnage analysis.