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Advanced apprenticeship training

Network Rail has extensive experience of delivering Advanced Apprenticeship training, reinforced by its outstanding safety culture and overall and timely apprentice completions.

We are an industry-leader in the implementation of training solutions, including leadership and management programmes for young people, so as to provide the future technicians, team leaders, supervisors and managers for the rail sector.



Advanced apprenticeship training

Customers need to be confident that the application of company standards, policies and procedures are being applied consistently to deliver a safe and reliable service.

From one-off courses, through to an advanced apprenticeship scheme of 3-years duration, our customers need to be assured that those completing the programme/s have the academic and vocational qualification/s and technical skills required to fulfil engineering roles within the rail sector.



Advanced apprenticeship training

We have a team of technically competent individuals who can provide a range of training services.  These can include:

  • practical and technical advice on the establishment of bespoke rail engineering-related training programmes, including apprenticeships and the mechanisms for securing funding
  • delivery of advanced apprenticeship training and rail engineering-related programmes
  • the development of one-off rail familiarisation courses for new entrants
  • development and delivery of leadership and management training to recognised standards
  • an understanding of and links to further and higher education programmes
  • developing programmes for / with major programmes and their supply chain
  • impartial advice on qualifications and frameworks; working with sector skills bodies, trade associations, professional institutions etc.

We have a team with a range of backgrounds and skills in the engineering, as well as the training and development arena, and Network Rail sit on a number of committees, including government working groups, that help influence / shape the future of qualifications, apprenticeship frameworks etc.


  • Delivery of training

    Customers come from within the rail sector, both internally and externally, and the training courses we provide range from standardised, industry recognised, competences through to one-off, bespoke, programmes. We are able to deliver academic and vocational programmes, advanced apprenticeship, and leadership and management training, and have a number of partners who are able to support us to best suit our customers’ needs.

    We work with several organisations as our delivery partners who also have international / overseas experience; Babcock International Group and Outposts are among them.  

    We are developing a project with the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway to take apprentice ‘volunteers’ to support an engineering programme of work there.  We are also working with our major programmes team (Thameslink) to have a wider, supply chain, involvement in the development of their new entrants.


  • Development of one-off courses

    We have a number of highly skilled personnel who are able to develop and deliver one-off courses for our customers, particular for ‘new entrants’ to the rail sector, i.e. new joiners, conversion engineers etc.

    Railfamiliarisation training is undertaken, far deeper than an induction programme, which enables the candidates to gain a fuller understanding and appreciation of the industry, its interfaces etc.  This training is developed specifically for the client, with their business needs in mind, and the courses can range from one day to several weeks in duration. South West Trains are one customer who we have worked with in this area for their new recruits.


  • Practical and technical advice

    Each year we deliver thousands of hours of rail engineering-related programmes to both internal and external candidates; but are also able to advise on the creation of such programmes in customer organisations, including the establishment of Apprenticeship Schemes and the securing of government support and funding for these.

    We have provided advice to a host of organisations: BT, Sainsburys, and DHL among them, and regularly host ‘tours’ to our Apprenticeship Training facility to demonstrate the various aspects of a Scheme that includes residential accommodation, healthy living and fitness programmes, personal development, leadership and management training etc. 


  • Impartial Advice

    Network Rail are well suited to providing impartial advice as we work across a broad range of sector skills bodies, trade associations and professional institutes. We are also an active member of a large engineering employer consortium and are able to facilitate benchmarking with some of the biggest engineering sector organisations in the UK / World