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Moorthorpe and Hickleton Area Signalling Renewals 1

Asset information strategy formulation

Network Rail is one of the biggest asset management companies in the UK. We run one of the world’s most diverse rail networks, with assets ranging from historic to leading-edge and on one of the busiest networks in Europe. This infrastructure accommodates annually 1.5 billion passenger journeys and 30 billion tonne kilometres of freight transport. We maintain around 30,000 bridges, 2,500 stations and over 32,000 kilometres of track. This is supported by our own power distribution, signalling and telecoms networks.


Asset information strategy formulation

Effective management of infrastructure assets requires good information, so that they can be managed proactively and optimally. The challenge of maintaining better asset information requires:

  • business-process-led information improvements to drive information capture and enable the effective exploitation of information
  • a move from ‘systems and data’ organisation of people, process and technology to a ‘data to intelligence’ operating model for the better management and exploitation of information
  • a clear master data management approach to set data quality requirements in line with business data needs and address management of data across multiple back-end and local systems
  • cultural change to recognise the value of information, create ‘pull’ for better tools and build desire for end-user-driven data management.
  • the right controls in place to assure data meets the right quality levels to support the business decisions being made using it.
  • an enterprise-wide approach so that the same asset data is used across all business functions rather than in silos.

Asset information strategy formulation

Network Rail has heavily invested in bringing about a shift to information-driven management of assets, which has required a total rebuild of its Asset Information operations and a major business change throughout the wider organisation. Network Rail’s Asset Information Strategy has been benchmarked as ‘industry best practice’ by the regulatory reporter; Network Rail can help other infrastructure asset managers by:

  • conducting an Asset Information maturity review
  • facilitating the formulation of an Asset Information Strategy
  • facilitating the design of an Asset Information Organisation and transformation delivery organisation and identification of ‘breakthrough’ initiatives
  • facilitating the implementation of appropriate data governance, quality measurement and assurance processes.
  • Asset Information Organisation Design

    Ground-up design of a data-to-intelligence business unit, and transformation plan from existing systems and data operations. We can support you in the processes that have underpinned our creation of a customer service focussed business unit, build on the foundations of collection, collation, evaluation, analysis and communication.


  • Asset Information Data Management Technical Leadership

    Providing whole life management and strategic analysis, as a respected thought leader across industry. We can help provide tactical and strategic direction to enable structured modelling of asset life cycle use, helping describe the linkage of data management to your corporate vision, based on our work supporting development of ISO 55000.


  • Asset Information Vision and Approach Development

    A business-led approach to define the vision, objectives and key goals of an asset information strategy.


  • Asset Information Roadmap Development

    A business-led approach to the identification of value propositions, benefit outcomes, change requirements, costs and projects to produce an implementation plan with supporting business case.