Employee Spotlight: Todd Gruenemeier


In honor of the veterans we work with, we celebrate and give gratitude to all those who have served. We asked our own colleague, Todd Gruenemeier, Associate Director, Operations at Network Rail Consulting to share his experiences on how his military service prepared him for a career in the rail industry.

How did the military prepare you for a career in the rail industry?

“Over the several years in the United States Air Force (USAF) Presidential Ceremonial Guardsman as a young airman, whether performing at the White House, Pentagon, or spending several days each week at Arlington National Cemetery, bestowing final honors to several hundreds of families loved ones to their final resting place, it prepared me in a way that taught me to embody precision, mastery, discipline, relentless effort, and execution. These principles continue to guide me throughout my 27+ years in the rail industry whether leading or consulting.”

What have you learned that helped you in your career?

“Process and planning are everything. However, in rail operations, you have to always expect the unexpected. You must have contingencies in place and the professionalism and demeanor to be able to handle those difficulties. This is done by being process-driven and embracing changes and difficulties as they come. You know you are fit to handle all obstacles if they arise”

How did your experience affect your life today?

“Serving in the Presidential Honor Guard was always an exciting, yet humbling experience. Providing relentless effort in everything you do, every day. To use a baseball analogy, I never accept batting .999. I expect myself and everyone around me to bat .1000 and to bring that effort every day. If you do that, we can change – good to great!


Todd Gruenemeier
Associate Director, Operations
Network Rail Consulting