Anglia Traction Power Upgrades

The upgrades to traction power capability delivered by this project formed part of the overall suite of enhancements that Network Rail committed to deliver for the UK Department for Transport.

The remit of the project was to design and implement the upgrades to Network Rail’s 25kV AC traction power distribution system required to support the December 2011 timetable change. The new timetable provided additional and lengthened train services across the Anglia operational area.

Anglia Traction Power Upgrades

This project involved the following scope:

  • installation of two new 132/25 kV transformers located at local Distribution Network Operator compounds
  • installation of around 2km of buried 132kV feeder cables in both high street and railway environments
  • design, installation and commissioning of two new 25kV substations
  • installation of two Neutral Sections and associated Overhead Line Equipment
  • modelling of Network Rail 25kV electrification system in order to specify upgrades required to support planned train services.


Anglia Traction Power Upgrades

The main objective of the project was to deliver upgrades to the Anglia Route 25kV traction power infrastructure required to support a new December 2011 train timetable.

The main outputs were:

  • 25kV AC distribution system capable of supporting the new timetable
  • improved asset reliability
  • reduced maintenance requirements associated with new equipment.

Anglia Traction Power Upgrades

Client: UK Department for Transport

Location: Anglia, UK

Start date: 2009

End date: 2011

Duration: 31 months

Contract value: £11m

Services provided: Construction management, electrification & power supply, railway performance & whole life cost analysis