ATC System Integration Services

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) was formally established in November 2011 and assumed coordination, funding allocation, policy and planning and other non-service delivery functions across all modes of transport with the vision to drive integrated service delivery in NSW.

TfNSW develops regulations, policies and legislation to ensure that transport is delivered to a high standard, meets community needs, protects assets and public money, minimises environmental impact and drives improved community safety.

TfNSW manages an annual multi-billion dollar transport budget and in partnership with the transport operating agencies, more than $104 billion in assets. Funding is provided for public bus, rail, roads, ferry and community transport services and related infrastructure.

Sydney’s Rail Future is TfNSW’s long term plan to increase the capacity of Sydney’s heavy rail network through investment in new services and upgrading of existing infrastructure. It is a plan to improve the customer’s experience by modernising Sydney’s rail network.

ATC System Integration Services

The long term demand on the Sydney Trains network will require rail infrastructure and signalling systems that enable improved network performance and provide increased capacity for passenger and freight services.

Network Rail Consulting is supporting the development and implementation of a robust final ATCS (Advanced Train Control System) business case and an ATCS delivery program. The scope of works includes:

  • technical support on systems integration and ATCS assurance within the
  • operational environment operational and business change support.

ATC System Integration Services

The purpose of the systems integration services engagement is to share Network Rail’s knowledge and experience of successfully planning and delivering ETCS (European Train Control System) level 2-based in-cab signalling systems. The objective of the systems integration services engagement is to:

  • support TfNSW to successfully plan and deploy such systems in Sydney’s suburban rail network
  • transfer knowledge and experience to TfNSW.

Network Rail Consulting is supporting TfNSW through a two phase business case:

  • phase 1 - broadly identify the costs, benefits and risks of ATCS implementation
  • phase 2 - approval for the phased implementation of ATCS. This includes the development of systems integration plans that will support the final business case and define the systems integration tasks that will occur in parallel with the delivery of the ATC program.

Following completion and approval of the business case, Network Rail Consulting will support the project to move into a delivery phase, including preparation of tendering and contact documentation, managing the tender and award process and managing the initial deployment of ATCS (Advanced Train Control Systems).

ATC System Integration Services

Client: Transport for New South Wales

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Start date: 2014

End date: 2019

Duration: 60 months

Services provided: ERTMS & ETCS levels 1-3, programme management, signalling, train control & telecoms, systems integration