Sydney Trains is now focused on service delivery as a world class operator and maintainer, delivering key performance metrics set out, and funded through, a Transport Services Contract with Transport for NSW. Its new maintenance organization has moved away from the legacy discipline / trades based structures of RailCorp to a functional delivery model with three key delivery divisions (Network Maintenance, Major Works and Fleet Maintenance), with the aim of providing greater clarity and accountability within the maintenance management structures.

Sydney Trains, faced a number of challenges; continued organic growth on the current rail network which it will need to absorb, whilst integrating and accommodating the staged introduction of Sydney Metro services. The introduction of new timetables, increased train paths and the potential impact on rail infrastructure performance. The reduction in available ‘windows’ to carry out maintenance activities inevitably impacts on the overall asset performance and deterioration rates. The need for new and innovative methods of carrying out asset maintenance are required. A more mechanised approach with increased output is one solution being considered..

A robust evidence-based argument is to be produced which is compliant with required standards from TfNSW Assets Standards Authority (ASA) and which are consistent with the Australian Standard (AS) International Standards Organisation (ISO) Standard 55001:2014. The standard of the feasibility study is required to be of a level that will allow it to be successfully presented to both the TfNSW Gateway 1 Investment Review Process for TfNSW Investment Gateway approvals and the Configuration Management and Asset Assurance Committee (CMAAC) Gates 0 and 1 for Configuration Management approvals.

The Feasibility Study addressed the following aspects of the proposal’s journey through the review processes and include the following documentation:

  • Fully developed Strategic Business Case
  • Successful completion of CMAAC Gateways 0 & 1.
  • Fully developed Integration Plan

Client: Sydney Trains

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Start date: October 2016

End date: March 2017

Duration: 6 Months

Services provided: To undertake a Feasibility Study for the introduction of a Mobile Maintenance Train (MMT) and demonstrate how this capability will enhance existing maintenance and contribute towards the Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) 2018 timetable objectives