Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) Transport Projects Division (TPD) is developing a program for the implementation of Advanced Train Control (ATC) through the Sydney metropolitan network. The ATC Program is one stream within a wider series of initiatives designed to deliver the outcomes defined within the NSW Government initiative ‘Sydney’s Rail Future’. 

 The ATC program has three defined phases: 

  • Preliminary Business Case (PBC) – the current phase with the objective to make a compelling case for TfNSW to fund the development of a Final Business Case phase. This phase is nearing completion;
  • Final Business Case (FBC) – the next phase with the objective to make a compelling case for TfNSW to fund the implementation of the ATC Program; and
  • ATC Program Contracting and Implementation.

Network Rail Consulting (NRC) has been contracted to provide System Integration Support services during the PBC Phase. The client intends that support shall continue into FBC and Implementation phases, subject to the availability of funding and satisfactory NRC performance. 

The NRC team worked as an integrated part of the ATC Program team to deliver a series of contract obligations including: 

  • Providing a high performance and highly skilled team, that will work in a collaborative manner with the ATC Program team and other service providers;
  • Undertaking specialist studies, investigations and documentation to support the completion of the PBC and FBC; 
  • Coordinating input from the ATC Program team and other service providers and external stakeholders, where applicable, including all necessary consultation; 
  • Preparing the Business Case related documents to a quality suitable for communication with Government and stakeholders; and Peer reviewing the draft and final versions of the PBC, FBC and agreed supporting documents. 

The output of this review was a consolidated list of deliverables required to support the preparation of a compelling and robust FBC.

Client: Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW)

Location: Chatswood, NSW, 2067

Start date: 30 November 2015

End date: 30 March 2016

Duration: 4 months

Services provided: Prepare and assist in the preparation of an agreed series of core strategy documents; Identify and engage with relevant stakeholders to obtain agreement to the strategies; and Develop those strategies into a series of plans at a level of detail appropriate to the depth of the final business case and its underpinning cost plan.