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Bristol Area Signalling Renewal & Enhancement

Bristol Area Signalling Renewal & Enhancement (BASRE) had three key drivers:

  • renewal of the asset due to its condition
  • the need to provide an Alternating Current (AC)-immune and electrification-gauge-compliant signalling system, ahead of the running of the first electric passenger train to Bristol in December 2016
  • to achieve capacity and journey time improvements on the Filton Bank as part of the Control Period 5 Infrastructure Improvement Programme.

Bristol Area Signalling Renewal & Enhancement


  • 703 SEUs (signalling equivalents) including mid-platform signals at Bristol Temple Meads to replace St Andrew’s Crosses
  • Bristol South resignalling was excluded as it is outside the geographical area of Overhead Line Equipment (OLE).


  • immunisation of signalling equipment
  • replacement of signal structures if foul of OLE gauge or less than 15 years remaining life
  • installation of fibre optic cable and RSC (Return Screening Conductor) in the OLE area.


  • full scope of Filton Bank 4-track option including track, civils and signalling
  • Intercity Express Programme (IEP) Depot Connection at Stoke Gifford including a new crossover
  • Bristol Parkway capacity improvement was excluded from the scope at this stage.

Bristol Area Signalling Renewal & Enhancement

The project outputs are:

  • an immunised and re-gauged signalling system ready for electrification by 2016
  • a signalling system relockedand recontrolled under the ‘85% compliance approach’ which assumes existing signal positions remain largely unchanged
  • the re-control of the Bristol Power Signal Box area (excluding Bristol South) signalling to Thames Valley Signalling Centre in line with the National Control Centre Strategy
  • work to signal structures tomake signals safely maintainable under OLE
  • installation of the RSC in accordance with the Immunisation Strategy
  • installation of a fibre-optic cable in the troughing for the IPC related to the OLE Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system
  • the four-tracking of Filton Bank (and associated signalling infrastructure) to facilitate capacity improvements between Dr Day’s Junction and Filton.

Bristol Area Signalling Renewal & Enhancement

Client: Network Rail Asset

Location: Bristol Area, England, UK

Start date: 2010

End date: 2015

Duration: 61 months

Contract value: £197m

Services provided: Electrification and power supply, programme management, signalling, train control and telecoms