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California High-Speed Rail – Rail Delivery Partner

Client: California High-Speed Rail Authority

Location: California

Start date: 2015

End date: Present

Duration: Ongoing

Services provided: Track and systems subject matter expertise, System integration, Packaging for procurement of technical scopes of work, Operational Infrastructure Planning, Optimisation, Asset Management, Timetabling, Railway Performance

California is currently developing and constructing a $100bn megaproject to build a high-speed rail line, capable of sustained speeds in excess of 320km, linking San Francisco to the Central Valley, Los Angeles, and Anaheim in times significantly shorter than today on existing modes. The aim is to commence revenue operations on a 171-mile section in the Central Valley, between Merced and Bakersfield, by 2030.

Further extensions north to San Francisco and south to Los Angeles and Anaheim are planned to come into operation by the mid 2030’s. The project will link with commuter and freight corridors and run a blended service with existing rail providers at the north and south end of the San Francisco to Los Angeles corridor. This effort is being driven by the state’s requirement to lower emissions, provide genuine competition for air travel, and provide stimulus and growth in California.

Network Rail Consulting (NRC) is a key part of the Rail Delivery Partner (RDP) team, which is responsible for moving the program from early planning and design to delivery and future operation. The RDP is fully integrated with the lead entity California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) on behalf of the State of California.

NRC’s role on the RDP is providing international expertise and best practice for rail operations, maintenance, systems engineering and project integration via a dedicated team of subject matter experts (SMEs). Our staff advise the Authority on policies and procedures that should be adopted as the railroad progresses through the design and build elements such as operations planning, schedule development, technical integration for track and systems, and railway systems engineering.

Network Rail Consulting continues to provide professional advice and consulting services for track, rail systems, trainsets, operations, and maintenance for California High-Speed Rail. The main outputs of the project are:

  • Provide California High-Speed Rail operations and maintenance proposed standards for implementation;
  • Deliver technical advice on operations and maintenance and proof of concept operations;
  • Assist the client in selecting a preferred bidder for various stages of the project from an operations and maintenance perspective; and
  • Providing technical oversight for track and systems including signalling, telecommunications, traction power and railway systems;
  • Support the Authority in the development of the technical scopes of work and the packaging of procurements for the track, rail systems, and trainsets; and
  • Provide systems integration for the holistic engineering elements of the project.