• J002278

Centralised Interlockings Disaster Recovery Review

Client: Queensland Rail

Location: Brisbane

Start date: 2022

End date: 2022

Duration: 2 Months

Services provided: Risk Analysis, Signalling, Business Continuity

The Board of Queensland Rail had identified a corporate risk associated with the impact of the loss of the site containing signalling interlockings controlling some of the South East Queensland rail network.

Network Rail Consulting (NRC) were contracted to undertake a review of the risk and impact of the loss of the interlockings and to review the existing mitigation projects. These were benchmarked against similar risks and mitigations elsewhere in Australia and across the world.

We reviewed operational and technical mitigations using a combination of document review, interviews with key staff and site visits. Our report made recommendations based on existing and emerging technologies.

  • Analysis of risk using the “bow-tie” method;
  • Assessment of threats and consequences;
  • High level assessment of the effectiveness of the controls to reduce likelihood and impact;
  • Examination of alternative technologies to improve efficiency and safety during degraded operations;
  • Recommendation on future actions; and
  • Report and material for presentation to the Board.