Digital Systems - System Integrator

The Digital Systems program will replace legacy signalling and train controls with modern, internationally proven, intelligent systems consisting of three elements:

  • Replacing lineside signalling equipment with European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 in-cab signalling technology;
  • Implementing Automatic Train Operation (ATO); and
  • Introducing a Traffic Management System (TMS) to provide more flexible regulation across the network.

Digital Systems - System Integrator

Network Rail Consulting (NRC) is the Systems Integrator contracted to deliver an international team, capable of integrating ETCS Level 2 across the Sydney rail network. Partnering with Ineco, Go-Ahead and Acmena, NRC are leading a team of around 50 technical, operational and system engineering experts to deliver the program.

Digital Systems - System Integrator

The NRC key project outputs are centred around two distinct phases of work, these being:

  • System Definition – the phase of the Program where the requirements and specifications for the System and Subsystems are developed and agreed, and other project planning and initiation activities are undertaken; and
  • System Implementation - phase of the Program during which the System is built, implemented, tested, commissioned and put into revenue service.

NRC manage activities including:

  • Oversight of Other Contractors (AEOs) design, build and test of Subsystems;
  • Management of System Integration Testing; and
  • Leading Operational Readiness.

This management is underpinned by System Engineering and Systems & Safety Assurance and Technical Interface Management and Services Management.

Our responsibilities for the System Implementation phase also include:

  • Technical Advisory Services;
  • Define and Develop Operational Standards;
  • Business Readiness and Schedule Support; and
  • Program Management and Portfolio level Integration Support.

Client: Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW)

Location: Sydney

Start date: 2018

Services provided: System integrator bringing together all the technical and operational functions to deliver an ETCS level 2 railway with TMS system for TfNSW heavy rail network