Digital Systems - System Integrator

Digital Systems is one of the New South Wales Government’s latest major programs that will transform the existing rail network to meet Sydney’s transport needs.

The program will replace legacy signalling and train controls with modern, internationally proven, intelligent systems. This technology is a key enabler to ensure that the Future Transport Strategy 2056 can be achieved, delivering increased capacity and significant performance, cost and safety benefits. For Transport for NSW and Sydney Trains customers, the program unlocks increased frequency of services, enhanced timetable reliability and better provision of real-time information without any network disruption.

Digital Systems meets growing freight demand enabling more freight paths and reducing maintenance possessions. The digitisation of signalling will also dramatically decrease maintenance costs compared to investing in existing infrastructure.

Digital Systems consists of three elements:

  • Replacing lineside signalling equipment with the latest European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 in-cab signalling technology;
  • Implementing Automatic Train Operation (ATO) to assist drivers; and
  • Introducing a Traffic Management System (TMS) to provide more flexible regulation across the network.

These elements will fundamentally transform the network and allow for modern technology and data driven operations, such as dynamic timetabling, route optimisation and ultimately a better experience for customers.

Digital Systems - System Integrator

Network Rail Consulting (NRC) has been contracted as the lead consultant to deliver an international team, capable of integrating ETCS Level 2 across the Sydney rail network. Partnering with Ineco, Go-Ahead and Acmena, NRC are leading a team of around 35 technical, operational and system engineering experts to deliver the program.

NRC is working with Transport for NSW in defining, developing, implementing and bringing into service the new ETCS Level 2 and TMS Systems as well as creating and implementing the systems engineering framework to deliver the program.

The breakdown of NRC scope is below:

  • Provide leading expertise on all components of the Digital Systems Program across all disciplines;
  • Proactively guide the Digital Systems Program project team and other parties, such that global experience is applied and knowledge is transferred;
  • Initiate and drive initiatives to visualize, simulate, and model solutions / scenarios and System outcomes as early as possible, to simplify and comprehensively communicate complexity in the Program;
  • Provide guidance to suppliers and stakeholders, especially Sydney Trains and New South Wales Trains to provide confidence that the System will deliver the anticipated benefits and transform anxiety due to not knowing, into commitment and confidence from understanding;
  • Maintain cooperation by all parties (including the Digital Systems Program project team, contractors and service providers) through leadership and demonstrated behaviour;
  • Explicitly identify and implement actions and risk controls in response to lessons learned from relevant projects including those which the Contractor has defined and implemented, within an agreed knowledge management framework;
  • Analyse issues to resolve problems which arise during the System Definition and System Implementation, through action and the allocation of skilled and experienced resources, and cooperation with all other relevant parties; and
  • Provide leadership and all inputs as necessary to support a progressive assurance regime through design and implementation through to handover and operation.

Digital Systems - System Integrator

The initial project outputs (SOW 1) are to complete the system definition in order to allow TfNSW to go into contract for construction and installation services. The following milestones are key NRC outputs to allow this:

  • System definition deliverables drafted ready for ECI interactive phase – completed on time;
  • System definition deliverables completed for TMS and Trackside RFP and submission of Configuration Control Board Gate 2 – completed on time; and
  • System definition deliverables completed to enable commencement of System Implementation Phase.

The second phase of project outputs (SOW 2) are to integrate all parties successfully to allow the introduction into revenue service of the new digital systems. The following milestones are key NRC outputs to allow this:

  • Joint Integrated Preliminary Design complete;
  • Infrastructure & Place CCB Gate 3 (design completion), 4 (construction completion), 5 (integration testing completion) successfully passed;
  • Operational Testing and Supported Revenue Service complete for first deployment areas;
  • Unfitted Train Solution Available; and
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO) in revenue service for the initial deployment areas.

Client: Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW)

Location: Australia

Start date: 2018

End date: n/a

Duration: n/a

Services provided: System integrator bringing together all the technical and operational functions to deliver an ETCS level 2 railway with TMS system for TfNSW heavy rail network