East Croydon Station Redevelopment Project

In recent years, the 1992 redesign of the station building has struggled to accommodate the double digit growth of passengers requiring access to one of the biggest employment centres in the South East. Existing passenger overcrowding on the concourse, associated ramps and platforms is likely to worsen as passengers numbers at the station are predicted to grow still more.

The prime objective of the project was to increase passenger capacity through the relief of the congestion on the concourse and associated ramps.

The preferred option provided a footbridge link between major developments on the western (Stanhope) and eastern (Menta) sides of the station and realigned the ticket gates on the concourse.

The redevelopment also provided provision for additional track/platform and provided an elevated connection with the main station building.


East Croydon Station Redevelopment Project

Specific improvements delivered included:

  • a mid-platform dispersal footbridge 100m long and 14m wide with stairs to each platform and a double stairway to the Stanhope site
  • bridge canopies
  • demolition of the existing mail conveyor bridge
  • Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) approved access via four x 16person lifts
  • subway closure, removal of subway ramps and reinstatement of additional platform space
  • space and services for fourretail kiosks
  • installation of low energyLED lighting
  • four ticket gates and ticket machines
  • CCTV / help points / information systems.

These items ensured the proper functioning of the bridge in support of improving station capacity.



East Croydon Station Redevelopment Project

This project was required under the CP4 delivery plan to improve passenger congestion at the station.

We have used the opportunity to obtain additional London Borough of Croydon funding of £6m to create a wider bridge deck and a better link with the adjacent Stanhope site (which is in the process of being redeveloped).

The project improved concourse congestion by encouraging passengers to use the bridge entrance which is more closely linked with the town centre.



East Croydon Station Redevelopment Project

Client: UK Department for Transport, Croydon Council

Location: East Croydon, UK

Start date: 2011

End date: 2013

Duration: 24 months

Contract value: £19m

Services provided: Feasibility design, station planning, station redevelopment & renewal