Edinburgh Waverley Station Renewal Project

Edinburgh Waverley railway station is the main railway station in the Scottish capital Edinburgh.

Covering an area of over 25 acres (101,000 m²) in the centre of the city, it is the second-largest main line railway station in the United Kingdom in terms of area. In contrast to the major London stations, it is both a terminal station and a through station.

Waverley is the second-busiest railway station in Scotland, with only Glasgow Central handling more passengers. Every year, in terms of passenger entries and exits, over 19.2 million people use the station.

The station required comprehensive refurbishment after many years of intensive use. In addition, the opportunity to upgrade passenger facilities and access presented itself.

Edinburgh Waverley Station Renewal Project

This exciting renewal involved four separate principal contractors and running three contracts concurrently, including:

  • refurbishing the 34,000m² main station roof, including repairing and repainting all steelwork and installing 25,000 panes of clear, strengthened glass
  • replacing the existing Market Street Bridge with a new contemporary design proving step free access which required the construction of a temporary bridge to maintain access into the main station, and to two of the platforms
  • repairing, preparing and painting 214 station columns
  • replacing the existing platform canopy on platform 8 & 9 with a new contemporary designed canopy
  • installing four lifts
  • resurfacing and installing copes and tactile system on 19 of the 20 station platforms
  • resurfacing all station concourse areas and road surfaces
  • re-casting and installing heritage balustrades to the two main road access ramps
  • removing a redundant bridge and old GPO building
  • retaining and refurbishing the heritage steelwork structures for two other bridges
  • refurbishing the main station ticket hall
  • refurbishing the main station building structure, ensuring that it is wind and watertight
  • repairing and cleaning the main station boundary walls
  • installing a new heating system, HV and LV power feeds, power distribution system and station lighting system
  • installing vehicle access security system
  • resurfacing of station car park.

All this was achieved without impacting normal station operations or scheduled train services.

Edinburgh Waverley Station Renewal Project

As a result of this project, Edinburgh now has a station that is fitting for a capital city and a key access gateway into Scotland.

The new station environment with its increased natural light will provide opportunities for future commercial and operational developments.

The renewal of Edinburgh Waverley Station is expected to deliver 25 years to next major maintenance.

Edinburgh Waverley Station Renewal Project

Client: Transport Scotland

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Start date: 2009

End date: 2013

Duration: 43 months

Contract value: £100m

Services provided: Programme management, station planning, station redevelopment & renewal