Factory Acceptance Test Witnessing for Sydney Trains

In 2014, Sydney Trains engaged a vendor to install and commission a Wheel Profile and Brake Monitoring (WPBM) system to provide an automated process to inspect wheel profiles and brake pads/blocks on all Sydney Trains rolling stock.

During the implementation phase of the project, the vendor was required to carry out factory acceptance testing on the proposed system in the UK . Since the vendor was responsible for both development and installation of the system, as well as for the factory acceptance testing, Sydney Trains required an independent body to witness and approve the testing.

Specifically, Sydney Trains required an expert authority to provide assurance and technical validation for the tests.


Factory Acceptance Test Witnessing for Sydney Trains

Factory acceptance test witnessing requires not only a high level of expertise in the subject matter at hand – in this case automated wheel profile and brake monitoring systems, but also a high level of expertise in the methodologies and processes involved in factory acceptance testing as a whole.

The scope of the project, required Network Rail Consulting to:

  • witness the testing on behalf of Sydney Trains
  • provide assurance that tests were carried out as agreed
  • advise Sydney Trains of anomalies arising during the tests
  • provide test approval reports and documentation to Sydney Trains
  • advise Sydney Trains on future procurement practises for this type of system
  • provide technical validation for the testing process

Factory Acceptance Test Witnessing for Sydney Trains

The key project outputs included the development of processes and reports, test documentation assessment, test suitability reviews and technical validation.

Specifically the outputs included:

  • witnessing and reporting on a range of pre-requisite, system activation, manual activation and 48 Hour Soak tests
  • provision of daily test status, test completion and technical validation reports
  • providing pre and post-test, documentation validation and assurance
  • identification and reporting of test anomalies
  • technical review of the systems evaluation criteria and methodology for suitability to validate the test activity.

Factory Acceptance Test Witnessing for Sydney Trains

Client: Sydney Trains

Location: Sydney, Australia

Start date: 2014 (July)

End date: 2014 (September)

Duration: 3 months

Services provided: Contract management, procurement advice