Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace Capacity Scheme

This scheme formed part of Network Rail’s East Coast Main Line (ECML), - the UK’s main railway corridor between London and Edinburgh, via Leeds, York and Newcastle. This project will ease a congestion and improved service reliability, and provided extra capacity for more trains into central London.

The Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace area is a severe bottleneck on the ECML. Performance improvement is one of the primary drivers for this scheme to support improvement towards HLOS performance targets of PPM 93% for London suburban services and 92% for Long Distance High Speed services by March 2014.

It has provided improved performance and flexibility for suburban services. It also contributed towards the HLOS ECML route passenger kilometre target through supporting an increase in Long Distance High Speed passenger capacity.

Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace Capacity Scheme

The project delivered the following scope:

  • upgrading of sections of line from freight to passenger service operation
  • increased line speeds of 60 mph on all sections of line
  • re-instatement of disused platforms at Finsbury Park Station
  • re-modelling of the Wood Green North Junction and Alexandra Palace station to accommodate new movements
  • installation of a new crossover to correct lines.

Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace Capacity Scheme

The following outputs were delivered:

  • performance improvements through reduction of delays
  • increased operational and network flexibility in times of disruption and improved perturbation recovery through improved timetable and reliability of operation
  • the ability to maintain assets in the Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace section
  • improved engineering access
  • a reduction in passenger journey times
  • improved capacity
  • increased optimisation of paths increasing operational flexibility at Finsbury Park
  • improved station platform capacity at Finsbury Park.

Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace Capacity Scheme

Client: UK Department for Transport

Location: North London, UK

Start date: 2009

End date: 2014

Duration: 63 months

Contract value: £53.8m

Services provided: Programme management, track/permanent way, whole railway upgrade,