Gatwick Airport Station Redevelopment Project

Gatwick airport is London’s second busiest airport handling approximately 40 million passengers per annum. Gatwick has the fastest route by rail into central London from any London airport.

Rapid and sustained passenger growth meant that additional rail passenger capacity was urgently needed. In addition, the station facilities needed refurbishment and explanation to handle increased passenger flows.

Gatwick Airport Station Redevelopment Project

This complicated redevelopment involved:

  • construction of a new 12-car platform together, with associated signalling, track and access
  • major changes to the concourse, including lining, staff accommodation, lighting and finishes
  • provision of a new ticket gateline
  • renewal of the signalling interlocking
  • relocation of a substation
  • provision of additional lifts, staircases and escalators.

All this was achieved without impacting normal station and airport operations.

Gatwick Airport Station Redevelopment Project

The project increased passenger and train capacity at Gatwick Airport station through the re-development of the station concourse area and platforms. The project involved:

  • a new lengthened platform to address the existing bottleneck in the Gatwick area for services on the Brighton mainline
  • improved passenger circulation on platforms 5 and 6 through the replacement of an existing stairway with an escalator and the installation of a new lift
  • refurbishment of the concourse area to provide better facilities for passengers and improved circulation in time for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • upgrade of the track and signalling to improve performance and reliability of trains passing through and travelling to/from Gatwick Airport.

Gatwick Airport’s rail services are a vital link for communities and businesses across West and East Sussex. This investment is an important part of building a more sustainable economic future for the South East.

Client: UK Department for Transport, Gatwick Airport Limited

Location: Gatwick, Sussex, UK

Start date: 2011

End date: 2014

Duration: 30 months

Contract value: £53m

Services provided: Feasibility design, station planning, station redevelopment & renewal