Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) is undertaking a project to improve the security of the existing essential services supplies by the installation of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment at traction substations in the Melbourne metropolitan rail network. The essential services support mainly signaling and telecommunications loads but can also supply other operationally critical loads such as station security systems, emergency lighting and lift supplies, ticketing equipment and air conditioning plant. The first four sites identified are Burnley, East Melbourne, North Melbourne and Southern Cross in the central area of the rail system.

Two reviews were completed:

1. Market Review

  • A Review of the current market to seek possible alternative suppliers of Essential Services UPS equipment as described in the MTM Engineering Specification L1-CHE-SPE-024 Version 2/3 documentation. 
  • For this particular study, MTM requires information about manufacturers who can potentially supply industrial, single phase UPS equipment with ratings in the range 50kVA to 200kVA

 2. Technical Review

  • MTM’s client, Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has requested an independent review of the initial proposals prior to implementation, to verify the project requirements, review the design documentation and provide advice and recommendations based on experience from previous similar projects. The review is divided into two parts, a first preliminary review and a second detailed review. Due to changes in strategy, the scope of works was amended to consist of the following elements:

 Preliminary Review

  • Review of background information
  • Attendance at a design workshop (via video-conference) to provide input on
  • Lessons learnt on similar Projects in other rail networks
  • Best practice for UPS installation / application to rail environment
  • System integration
  • Benefits capture

 Detailed Review

  • Review revised UPS Specification and provide comment to MTM Engineering
  • Review Preliminary Electrical Design (approx. 8-10 drawings) and Design Report
  • Provide a brief report in relation to:
  • Lessons learnt on similar Projects in other rail networks
  • Best practice for UPS installation
  • System integration
  • Benefits capture

Two reports provided to MTM with recommendations based on NRC experience of undertaking similar projects in Great Britain.

The key recommendation from the review is that consideration should be given to specifying three phase UPS equipment which would be more usual for the required ratings, and that competitive prices be sought for supplying both three phase equipment and the currently specified single phase equipment. Other recommendations identified cover updating of the UPS specification, revision of the outline designs and incorporation of lessons learnt from Network Rail.

Three key recommendations from a market review were also provided.

Client: Metro Trains Melbourne

Location: Melbourne

Start date: 1 June 2015

End date: 30 June 2015

Duration: 1 Month

Services provided: Independent review of specified aspects of the project to install Uninterruptable Power Supply equipment at traction sub-stations to support the essential services for Melbourne’s metropolitan rail network.