Infrastructure Manager – High Speed 1

Network Rail (High Speed) has a 44 year Operator Agreement with HS1 Limited to operate, maintain and renew the railway infrastructure and three HS1 stations in St Pancras International, Stratford International and Ebbsfleet International.

Network Rail advised the UK’s Department for Transport during construction. Network Rail then created high speed engineering standards operating procedures and asset management/acceptance processes for HS1. This has ensured that Network Rail (High Speed) fully understands the complexities involved in operating a mixed traffic high speed railway to exceedingly high standards.


Infrastructure Manager – High Speed 1

The scope of our commission includes:

  • operating & maintaining three international stations
  • managing the station retail estate with successive year-on-year growth since opening
  • operating high speed signalling and electrical control systems
  • emergency planning, signalling procedures, communications monitoring
  • creating and maintaining high speed Operational Control Systems (OCS), track and signalling communication engineering standards
  • preparing and managing the working timetable
  • performance monitoring and management arrangements
  • provision of incident response, command, control and train service recovery
  • provision of a Health & Safety Management System.

Infrastructure Manager – High Speed 1

The main objective of the contract is to operate high speed infrastructure safely, reliably and sustainably for our customers. Key outputs include:

  • infrastructure capability for 20 trains per hour at 300kph
  • infrastructure capability for high speed freight at 140 kph
  • key journey time of 32 minutes from St Pancras to Eurotunnel portal
  • outstanding reliability with an average train delay of between six and eight seconds
  • introduction of a 40 year asset stewardship strategy.

Infrastructure Manager – High Speed 1

Client: HS1 Limited

Location: St Pancras International Station to Eurotunnel Portal, UK

Start date: 2003

End date: 2047

Duration: On-going

Services provided: Asset management plan development, operations control & management systems, risk-based maintenance