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London Bridge Station Redevelopment

The iconic London Bridge is the fourth busiest station in the country, bringing around 56 million passengers into the city each year. The station – the oldest rail terminus in London - is an integral part of the £7 billion Thameslink railway through the heart of London. We’ve made excellent progress elsewhere along the route rebuilding stations at Farringdon and Blackfriars, and implementing a new signalling system to enable 24 trains per hour to carry passengers through central London.

We’re transforming London Bridge station. We’re creating new platforms to accommodate more and longer trains, building a new concourse, creating a bigger and better station for passengers and reconstructing the track layout and signalling to increase capacity. The changes we are making will allow us to introduce more Thameslink trains every day – up to 18 trains an hour through London Bridge – offering better connections than ever before.


London Bridge Station Redevelopment

The goal of the project is to increase passenger capacity at and through the station, as part of the wider Thameslink Programme.

The project comprises adding platforms, increasing the concourse area, re-configuring track layouts, implementing a new signalling system and improving access and interchange.

London Bridge Station Redevelopment

We’ll increase passenger capacity by around two thirds and increase the number of tracks through the station, increasing rail capacity.

Key achievements include:

  • next to the new Shard landmark, the new station concourse will be 70m by 150m – bigger than the pitch at Wembley
  • by reconfiguring the track, in the future there will be nine ‘through’ platforms and six terminating platforms – substantially increasing capacity
  • the London Bridge Quarter development has funded a new bus station and delivered a new rail concourse, which are currently being built; our plans expand on these improvements
  • new entrances on Tooley Street and St Thomas Street will improve integration with local bike, foot, and bus routes
  • lifts and escalators will offer passengers step-free access to every platform
  • new shops, restaurants, and other facilities will complement the ongoing regeneration of the local area
  • increased track and signalling capacity to accommodate 18 trains per hour.

While we transform the station, we are working hard to minimise disruption so that it remains open for the millions of people who use it every day.

London Bridge Station Redevelopment

Client: UK Department for Transport

Location: London, UK

Start date: 2012

End date: 2018

Duration: 70 months

Contract value: £700m

Services provided: Layout & signalling performance, programme management, retail & commercial, signalling, train control & telecoms, station redevelopment & renewal, track/permanent way