Maintenance Opitimization Study

Sydney Trains (formerly RailCorp) has embarked on a major maintenance improvement programme and is seeking empirical benchmark comparators to assist in optimising Routine Maintenance (RM) and Major Periodic Maintenance (MPM) intervals and scope of activities across all major asset classes.

The overarching objective of the benchmarking exercise is to identify best practice in delivering safe and highly reliable rail networks economically.

An important objective is to facilitate a reduction in costs within the Maintenance Directorate, in the context of the “Fixing the Trains” reform programme. The efficiency of maintenance systems and processes are to be improved by aligning them with international best practice whilst continuing to provide safer and higher reliability outcomes.

Maintenance Opitimization Study

This project consists of an independent review and benchmarking study to identify and prioritise potential areas for change in routine maintenance and major periodic maintenance across all asset disciplines, to inform the development of more efficient maintenance and inspection regimes and as such to reduce costs.

Network Rail Consulting’s engagement entails desktop study work to source information regarding maintenance and inspection processes from a number of comparable rail operators domestically and internationally and to review, compare and benchmark this material against the equivalent information from Sydney Trains in New South Wales.

Maintenance Opitimization Study

The key deliverables of the project are:

  • a comparative exercise undertaken in two parts to: review best practice (benchmarking and validation) of routine maintenance and major periodic maintenance activities, and a review of inspection regimes and relevant business processes
  • a comparison report detailing the method of the comparison applied, findings, conclusions and recommendations
  • analysis of where comparable railways have site or region-specific RM and MPM processes (based on local factors) and how these are derived, with recommendations as to whether similar processes should be considered by Sydney and how this might be done collecting further information to enable more detailed analysis
  • proposals for efficient use of resources with respect maintenance, given Sydney Trains inventory of assets and their corresponding locations on the network, taking into account critical considerations
  • extension of the core benchmarking and review exercise to cover the remaining Technical Maintenance Procedure’s (TMPs) (approximately 1000) and MPMs (approximately 100) within Sydney Trains.

Maintenance Optimization Study

Client: Sydney Trains

Location: Sydney, Australia

Start date: 2013

End date: 2014

Duration: 4 months

Services provided: Benchmarking, maintenance structure auditing & benchmarking, organisational change & transformation management, Outsourced operating & maintenance contracts, risk-based maintenance