It is envisioned that for the MBTA to attain its goal of becoming the best in North America the Engineering Services to be provided by Network Rail Consulting in this contract can be split into three categories:

  • Stabilize to establish solid foundations;
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness; and
  • Being the best in North America. 

 The discipline specific scope of works for all tasks under this GEC contract shall include, but not be limited to, the following services:

  • Inspection and inspection competence;
  • Maintenance / repair work delivery;
  • Work management, planning and control;
  • Asset Performance (including fault reporting), Engineering and Assurance; and
  • Renewal forecasting. 

In addition, other cross-discipline services may be required which will be specified and instructed on a Task by Task basis under the GEC contract. MBTA have to date specified 2 x Tasks under the GEC contract which are detailed below.


Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) declared at the Fiscal and Management Control Board (FMCB) that the 2025 on-time train performance (OTP) targets would be:

  • 95% OTP on the red line at 3-minute headways; and
  • 96% OTP on the orange line at 4½ minute headways.

 MBTA has engaged Network Rail Consulting (NRC) in a General Engineering Consultancy (GEC) Services contract to help them become an output driven organization and in so doing, meet the on-time train performance and service frequency targets.  Task 1 is aimed at the development of plan that will allow the MBTA to achieve the OTP output targets identified above by 2025 and then maintain them in the ensuing years. 

The scope of Task 1 is to carry out the diagnostics phase for capital delivery.  It includes strategy & governance, capital planning and delivery, access planning and accessing the right of way. We will seek to understand and document the current arrangements in these areas:

 Strategy & Governance

  • How strategy and expectations are set;
  • The governance arrangements; and
  • Procedures for managing risk.

 Capital Delivery Program

  • The extent of planning (predictability) of the capital delivery program;
  • The efficiency of the capital delivery program; and
  • The degree of focus on improving the most critical assets.

 Access & Logistics Planning

  • The extent of planning (predictability) of the access regime;
  • The balance between the ‘asset needs’ and the ‘operating needs’;
  • The efficiency of the access regime; and
  • The degree of integration of work and logistics (keeping the needs of the customer top of mind).

 The deliverables from Task 1 are summarized below (the detailed Task 1 deliverables are documented within Task 1 Scope document):

  • A report documenting the ‘current state’;
  • A suggested vision for 2025, including the expected benefits of implementing the vision;
  • Recommendations to move towards the vision; and
  • An outline proposed improvement program to be delivered by NRC to support the MBTA further in achieving the future targets. This will form the scope of Task 2 to be agreed with and formally instructed by MBTA via a Task Order under the GEC contract.


 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has engaged Network Rail Consulting (NRC) in a General Engineering Consultancy (GEC) Services contract to help them drive transformational change in a number of areas. The Engineering services relating to Task 2 under the GEC contract are as follows:

  • Improving the maturity of approach within the Asset Maintenance teams, with the aim of moving towards a long-term predictive, tailored maintenance regime for every asset;
  • Establishing an Office of Chief Engineer to set Engineering Strategies and Standards;
  • Developing a more integrated and efficient approach to Right-of-Way (RoW) access planning; and
  • Helping MBTA take an output-driven organization approach to planned investments.

 The deliverables from Task 2 are summarized below (the detailed Task 2 deliverables are documented within Task 2 Scope document).  The deliverables support the MBTA across the following departments:

  • Office of Chief Engineer (OCE)
  • Engineering & Maintenance (E&M)
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Red Line & Orange Line Program (Pan-MBTA)

 For the OCE, deliverables include strategic level documents as well as some Task 1 follow-on deliverables.

For E&M, all departments will be ‘baselined’ through a maturity assessment using Network Rail Consulting’s Heart of Asset Management model.  Whilst some subsequent deliverables have been defined and agreed, it is anticipated that post-maturity assessment deliverables will be reviewed and prioritized further.  As we deliver the improvements, we will document these and agree with the relevant MBTA clients (owners) how to make these changes sustainable

For the COO, NRC will work closely with Operations and E&M to establish a RoW Access Planning team that is able to proactively the development of an integrated, efficient and visible RoW access process.

For the Red and Orange Line Program, deliverables will help MBTA to identify and declare the Capital Investments and Business Improvements needed to (a) meet stated on-time train performance and service frequency targets by 2025 and (b) to establish arrangements that help maintain these levels of performance for at least 25 years thereafter.

The detailed list of deliverables is documented within the Task 2 Project Scope document.

Client: MBTA

Location: Boston

Start date: 7th March 2019

End date: 7th March 2022

Duration: 3 years

Services provided: MBTA has engaged Network Rail Consulting (NRC) in a General Engineering Consultancy (GEC) Services contract to help them become an output driven organization to achieve challenging future goals they have committed to. Task orders within this GEC contract will be agreed between Network Rail Consulting and the MBTA to help the organization achieve their goals for the future.