In June 2016, the FTA released its final regulations regarding Transit Asset Management. Item US 49 CFR 625 requires transit agencies to submit an initial condition assessment and inventory of their assets. MBTA have commenced activities to collect the necessary inventory and condition data for all asset classes but require additional support to meet the October 2018 reporting deadline.

In addition to meeting this reporting obligation, the MBTA have begun development and implementation of an enterprise asset management (EAM) system, to streamline work order, inspection, material and asset inventory, and other key business functions and systems. NRC have been contracted to assist with both initiatives by provided track asset management support.

NRC is to provide track asset management support through delivery of the following:

  • Collation of asset inventory and condition information
  • Asset failure reporting
  • User acceptance testing
  • NTD (FTA) reporting

Task 1 – Collate inventory information:

  • Establish a data collection process
  • Develop asset hierarchies
  • Create data dictionary for assets, including desired attributes
  • Collate information on track infrastructure
  • Produce asset spreadsheets for upload to EAM system
  • Validate loaded data

Task 2 – Collate condition information

  • Develop condition ratings for all track assets
  • Interpret existing records to confirm condition assessment
  • Validate loaded condition data

Task 3 – Asset failure reporting

  • Confirm asset failure codes from EAM Blue Line pilot
  • Perform gap assessment and identify additional failure codes
  • Identify reporting dashboards and develop requirements
  • Validate loaded failure codes

Task 4 – EAMS (Trapeze & Optram) User acceptance testing (UAT)

  • Review UAT tests against requirements identified in Tasks 1,2 and 3
  • Update existing UAT test scripts from EAM pilot

Task 5 – NTD reporting

  • Establish NTD information requirements
  • Support data collection and review process
  • prepare NTD A20 report

The following are key project deliverables:

  • Data collection process / track segmenting approach
  • Track asset hierarchy and attribute dictionary
  • “controlled” asset inventory and attribute lists
  • Asset – defect – repair relationship mapping (failure codes)
  • Defined failure report templates (management “dashboards”)
  • Data validation reporting
  • User acceptance testing plan and success criteria
  • Completed NTD A20 report

Client: MBTA

Location: Boston

Start date: April 2018

End date: June 2019

Duration: 15 months

Services provided: Track asset management support