Newport Area Signalling Renewal (NASR) Phase 1

NASR 1 is the first phase of a major re-signalling programme of works in Newport and part of the South Wales re-signalling programme; a £400m investment.

The prime purpose of the project is the renewal of life expired signalling and signalling power supply assets in the Newport PSB-controlled area.

The project will also deliver improved reliability of assets and improved operational flexibility at Newport Station (bi-directional signalling on all platforms) and Severn Tunnel Junction.

Newport Area Signalling Renewal (NASR) Phase 1

The work in this project included:

  • renewing interlockings (Westlock), signals and signal structures, lineside equipment, associated cabling and provisioning new signalling power supplies & telecommunications systems to support the signalling renewals
  • provisioning of a new VDU-based control system (Westcad), covering all 379 (SEUs) renewed
  • employing new train detection throughout the area using axle counters which replaced track circuits
  • renewing the signalling, rationalising the track layout and reducing the total number of renewed SEUs by 160 - 71 of which are related to the net reduction in S&C
  • renewing 27 units of signalling & control (S&C) and providing new S&C layouts at Severn Tunnel Junction, East Usk and Maindee East, including a new platform 4 at STJ
  • re-instating a crossover on the main lines at Gaer Junction
  • enhancing mechanical signalling equipment together with minor track enhancements at Park Junction and along the Gaer Chord to allow timetable operation of passenger services from Ebbw Vale to and from Newport Station.

Newport Area Signalling Renewal (NASR) Phase 1

Phase 1 works split into 2 parts, Phase 1A which was commissioned in Christmas 2009 and Phase 1B commissioned at the end of May 2011.

The key outputs of this project were:

  • renewal of signalling system, including the renewal of 379 SEUs
  • simplified track layouts at East Usk, Maindee and Newport
  • improved flexibility of operations for all operators at the key node at Newport Station – achieved through bi-directional signalling of all platform lines and through both the Main & Relief line tunnels between Newport Station and Gaer Junction
  • the benefit of the project is improved reliability of new signalling, power assets and interlockings with MTBF evaluated at a 29% improvement rate.

Client: UK Department for Transport and Welsh Government

Location: Newport, UK

Start date: 2008

End date: 2011

Duration: 35 months

Contract value: £154m

Services provided: Signalling, train control & telecoms, feasibility design, programme management