Southern Direct Current Traction Power Supply Enhancement

The existing traction power system in Wessex, Sussex and Kent had an operating capacity limited to the train service which currently operates on it; generally it was originally built for eight car trains.

In order to provide additional capacity and more frequent trains, train servies, improvements to the power supply were required.

This project has enabled an improved, higher capacity timetable to be implemented.

Southern Direct Current Traction Power Supply Enhancement

The capability of the existing traction power system was reviewed against the proposed timetable and rolling stock changes. This project involved changes to:

  • supply grid and high voltage feeder system
  • direct current (DC) substation system
  • electric track equipment.
  • All scope was successfully installed on the operational railway without unplanned delay.

Southern Direct Current Traction Power Supply Enhancement

The traction power system was enhanced in Wessex, Sussex and Kent to support the Control Period 4 (CP4) train lengthening by the passenger Train Operating Companies (TOCs), South West Trains, Southern and Southeastern in support of the Department for Transport’s High Level Output Statement (HLOS).

The key outputs of this project include:

  • in Wessex – to support 10 car train lengthening on selected suburban routes
  • in Sussex – to support 10 and 12car Class 377 train lengthening is on selected routes
  • in Kent – to support 12 car Class 465 train lengthening on the metro routes to Dartford via Greenwich, Bexleyheath & Sidcup; on the route from Gravesend to Dartford; on the route to Hayes and on the Kent Main Line to Sevenoaks in CP4 and CP5.

Client: UK Department for Transport

Location: London, UK

Start date: 2008

End date: 2016

Duration: 100 months

Contract value: Circa £200m

Services provided: Electrification & power supply, programme management, systems integration