Stratford Station Platform 3A

Stratford Station required an upgrade to cater for the predicted rise in passenger demand at the station. This formed part of the suite of works to meet the forecast increase of passengers for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games and going forward to 2016.

This project was funded by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA). It had been developed by London Underground through their acceptance processes.

London Underground was originally to deliver these specific Works. However, the ODA asked Network Rail to deliver them in place of London Underground (with their agreement) as Network Rail were perceived to best placed to deliver such a project.

Stratford Station Platform 3A

The project works included:

  • constructing an additional platform for the tube network
  • constructing a new station entrance linking into an existing mezzanine level.

Stratford Station Platform 3A

The key outputs of this project were:

  • facilitating the delivery of the infrastructure that the ODA required for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games
  • successfully delivering the project on time and below the budget agreed by the Olympic Delivery Authority
  • successfully completing the works without any third party claims being incurred
  • successfully working under London Underground acceptance procedures
  • strengthening of relationships between Network Rail and all stakeholders, in particular with London Underground and the ODA, as a result of the success of the project
  • providing a legacy for London and London Underground in terms of the expanded passenger network.

The stakeholders formed an exceptional partnership to overcome all the challenges they faced. As a result, the project was shortlisted for the ‘Team Contribution’ award at the 2010 Network Rail Partnership Awards.

Stratford Station Platform 3A

Client: Olympic Delivery Authority

Location: London, UK

Start date: 2008

End date: 2011

Duration: 40 months

Contract value: £15.4m

Services provided: Stakeholder management, station planning, station redevelopment & renewal