Stratford Regional Station Upgrade

Stratford Station required an upgrade to cater for the forecast increase in passenger demand at the station.

This formed part of the suite of works to meet the anticipated growth in passengers for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

Passenger flows were improved throughout the station by repositioning or installing additional staircases and lifts. The existing station facilities were decluttered, platform canopies extended and remodelled and extensive signage and communication systems installed throughout the station.

The work was carried out in conjunction with other related projects (and promoters) on the station i.e. the introduction of Platform 3A (led by LUL), Northern Ticket Hall (led by Westfield) and the construction of the new DLR line (led by DLR).

All the works were completed with minimum disruption to passenger services. A full week day service was maintained throughout although a number of essential weekend closures were required to ensure some major activities were implemented in a safe manner.

Stratford Regional Station Upgrade

The works delivered by Network Rail to the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) design, consisted of:

  • opening up four platforms by removing buildings & structures and relocating seating
  • resurfacing and remodelling platforms
  • installing additional lifts and staircases throughout the station
  • redesigning platform layout and access arrangements
  • widening existing platforms, including track realignment
  • relocating signals
  • refurbishing a disused subway and bringing it back into use, including provision of new access arrangements
  • addition of a new platform 3a
  • extensive resurfacing and bringing into use of platform areas previously occupied by redundant buildings
  • installing station communication equipment with an additional 142 CCTV cameras throughout the station
  • extending platform canopy with associated alterations to lighting, drainage and station signage
  • erecting new staff facilities
  • attaining fire certification
  • attaining necessary regulatory change documentation
  • attaining planning permission.

Stratford Regional Station Upgrade

The key outputs for the project which were designed and funded by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and project managed by Network Rail, were:

  • improved passenger flow throughout the station
  • minimal impact on passenger movements during the works
  • all works to be complete before commencement of Olympic trial events.

Stratford Regional Station Upgrade

Client: Olympic Delivery Authority

Location: Stratford, London, UK

Start date: 2007

End date: 2010

Duration: 40 months

Contract value: £60m

Services provided: Station planning, station redevelopment and renewal, programme management