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Sydney Growth Trains – Support to Delivery Phase

Client: Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW)

Location: Sydney

Start date: 2017

End date: 2018

Duration: 13 Months

Services provided: Systems and Safety Assurance Engineering

TfNSW intends to introduce changes to the timetable for rail passenger services in NSW during, or prior to, 2018. To optimise the intended timetable changes, TfNSW will procure new passenger trains and other related Assets as part of the Sydney Growth Trains (SGT) Project.

The project aims are to:

  • Provide a safe, comfortable, accessible and appealing environment for all customers and operating staff;
  • Procure the trains from an established rail manufacturer that can provide a proven technical solution;
  • Enhance the level of service by providing an integrated and efficient product that will meet the needs and expectations of customers;
  • Meet the demands of future timetables; and
  • Deliver the project in accordance with applicable standards, procedures, and government regulations.

Provision of Systems and Safety Assurance Advisory services in support of the Delivery phase Technical Advisor Contract for introduction of 24 new Waratah Trains onto the Sydney Metropolitan Rail Network.

The Technical Advisor shall meet the requirements of the SGT Project’s Project Management System including Safety Management requirements.

Contribute to the SGT Project Team contract administration activities including:

  • Involvement in safety management processes and reviews of the Safety Assurance Report;
  • Attending risk reviews;
  • Attending compliance audits on the Technical Advisor as required; and
  • Interfacing with TfNSW stakeholders.

Deliver safety management processes including:

  • Identification of safety hazards to be managed by the Technical Advisor;
  • Reviewing safety assessment reports from the SGT Contractor and the compilation of safety assurance reports; and
  • Co-ordination with TfNSW stakeholders in the preparation of TfNSW Safety Assurance Reports for submission to The Rail Safety Regulator.