Asset Management & Maintenance

You can lower whole life costs, reduce asset failures and improve train punctuality by applying our proven tools and expertise in asset management.

We are world-leaders in developing and applying integrated tools and techniques to monitor and manage rail assets and we can show you how.

Tailored Approach

We can help you to structure an asset management framework specific to your needs, based on our independently verified tools and techniques.

Enabling Mechanisms

These include asset data specification & capture, decision support tools, investments in your people & their competencies, integrated processes, asset policies, strategic asset management planning, reliability modelling and whole life cycle tools.

Intelligent Infrastructure

You can have early warning of degraded asset performance with our intelligent infrastructure approach. Then you can make informed decisions that will improve infrastructure availability and reduce operating & maintenance costs.

Our Hands-On Experience

You can achieve substantial performance improvements by applying our learning on Britain’s railway to your assets.

Over the last decade, we have used our asset management capabilities to:

  • Reduce Whole Life Cycle Costs Of Our Tracks By More Than 10%
  • Release Similar Efficiencies From Other Asset Groups
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs By 5%
  • Significantly Reduce Asset Failures And The Associated Drop In Train Punctuality
  • Increase Our Understanding Of Longer-Term Implications Of Policy Choices
  • Improve Decisions On Balanced Future Funding
  • Develop A Means To Adapt To Climate Change.

Asset Management & Maintenance Services:

  • Asset Management Assessment
  • Enterprise Asset Management Development
  • Infrastructure Reliability Management
  • Maintenance Reviews
  • Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Risk Based Maintenance
  • Route Asset Management Plan Development
  • Standards Review & Development