Strategic Planning

You can strengthen your investment cases by using our consultant’s first-hand knowledge of forecasting & meeting rail demand, balancing the needs of stakeholders and generating income from stations.

You can develop strong plans that satisfy the long-term needs of passengers, freight customers, train-operators and taxpayers with our consultants.

They are skilled in building business cases that win increased funding from both public and private sectors.

Defendable Forecasts

You will have customised forecasts of the rail demand for your specific circumstances. We will use bespoke research and innovative models to investigate the impact of complex changes to your railway, such as new routes, fares and competition.

Commercialising Your Stations

You can support your business case by developing retail facilities at existing and new stations. Our station planners can advise you on how to generate income from shops and cafés without compromising passenger services.

You’re In Good Hands

Our strategic planning team has developed the business cases for most of the UK’s major rail investment plans over the past decade. We have forecast demand and recommended the projects to meet it.

 Strategic Planning Services: 

  • Business Cases including CBA
  • Business Planning
  • Demand and Revenue Forecasting
  • Pedestrian Planning & Modelling
  • Route Utilisation Strategies
  • Transport Policy