Asset Management & Maintenance

Rigorous asset management techniques can reduce whole life costs, minimise asset failure and improve overall service delivery.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of asset management in railway operations. For many years, asset management amounted to little more than fixing things when they broke.

But our experience in renewing an entire national network has shown that a carefully planned and managed approach pays big dividends in reduced costs, improved service and increased passenger numbers.

This systematic approach has made us world leaders in developing and applying integrated tools and techniques to monitor and manage rail assets.

Systematic Planning Pays Dividends

We can help you to structure an asset management framework tailored specifically to your needs. Our approach uses detailed asset data analysis to provide a reliable basis for achieving measurable improvements in cost and performance.

We have made marked improvements in our own asset management through an integrated programme of enabling mechanisms.

These include improvements to asset data specification and capture, decision support tools, investment in people and competencies, integrated processes, asset policies, strategic asset management planning, reliability modelling and whole life cycle tools which evaluate the trade-off between cost, performance and risk.

Our intelligent infrastructure approach provides early warning of degraded asset performance, enabling your managers to make informed decisions that will improve infrastructure availability and reduce both operating and maintenance costs.

Our experts can help you develop a holistic approach to remote condition monitoring which cuts across traditional functional boundaries. We will create a sustainable and scalable solution aligned to your asset management needs. Our hands-on experience

You can achieve substantial performance improvements by applying our learning on Britain’s railway to your assets. Over the last decade, we have:

  • Reduced whole life cycle costs of our track by more than 10% by extending the life of existing assets without increasing risks.
  • Reduced maintenance costs by 5% through closer understanding of the factors that degrade the reliability of our signalling equipment.
  • Significantly reduced asset failures and hence train punctuality by using a sophisticated modelling system to analyse the root cause of failures.
  • Increased our understanding of longer-term implications of policy choices through our lifecycle cost models. This enables us to consider alternative investment levels and tailor activity to appropriate funding levels.
  • Developed a means to adapt to climate change by analysing the impact of extreme weather on current asset performance and reliability.

By looking after the detail carefully, your operation will benefit from better on-time performance, enhanced safety results, lower costs, reduced environmental impact and better staff morale and motivation.

Using our proven and independently verified tools and techniques, our experts can strengthen the performance of clients’ assets so that your organization can achieve substantial long-term improvements in costs, reliability and safety.

Asset Management & Maintenance Services:

  • Asset Management Assessment
  • Enterprise Asset Management Development
  • Infrastructure Reliability Management
  • Maintenance Reviews
  • Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Risk Based Maintenance
  • Route Asset Management Plan Development
  • Standards Review & Development