Rail Operations

With in-depth experience of running a busy live network, we know how to get more out of your existing signalling systems, timetables and stations.

We run one of the busiest and fastest-growing rail systems in the world. And, despite the pressures of managing a bustling system in a turbulent real-world operating environment, we’ve succeeded in increasing capacity, improving on-time performance, enhancing safety and providing a better service for customers and staff alike.

Experience of the latest systems and operational practices gives us a unique perspective on how a modern railway can function. Our consultants can work with your people or as external experts to review the current status of your operations and develop strategies for optimising services.

Optimising Network Usage

Every day, our team operates over 40,000 signals via 800 signalling centres. They make the day-to-day signalling decisions and manage recovery plans in the event of service interruptions.

We are currently creating a new control system for the British network, based on 14 new control centres. This will replace legacy signalling systems, some of which date back to the pre-war era or earlier.

The experience we have gained during this upgrading work means that we can help you to plan, develop and safely integrate new signalling centres into your network. These efficiencies will help you to achieve significant long-term savings.

We have developed a suite of modelling services that will enable you to analyse timetable efficiency and predict the impact of service disruptions.

They enable us to advise you on the best ways to accommodate train services without sacrificing the performance of the network. These tools are in daily use as we work with Britain’s train-operating companies to review their proposed service patterns.

By applying modern operating techniques, we have been able to run more trains on a smaller network, reduce operating costs by 46% over 10 years, increase passenger numbers, reduce track closure times, extend component/system life and achieve better integration of technology, without compromising on safety.

Our experts have been at the forefront of this work, and we can help you to transition from inefficient practices, using modern technology and processes to drive performance improvements and cost savings.

Rail Operations Services:

  • Access Planning & Optimisation
  • Commercial & Operational Management
  • Interim Management
  • Timetable Assurance Services
  • Train Planning & Modelling