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  • SME Train Control and System Engineering
  • Sydney

Jonathan Harris

Jonathan's multi-faceted experience over 25-years in the UK rail industry has allowed him to have an excellent understanding of how the requirements of various stakeholders and systems can influence the solutions required to deliver the client outputs. Jonathan has used his experience gained during his career in design, testing & commissioning and project management to bring efficiency and a practical approach to implementation at various levels and scales.

His most recent UK project was the delivery to two new Rail Operating Centres (ROCs), with a combined value of over £40m, at Manchester and Rugby. The centres were provided to be an integrated home to conventional and next generation control systems for the South LNW and North LNW areas respectively as part of the National Operating Strategy. Great care was taken when considering safety and security, including counter terrorism, resilience and availability and ease of implementation for new areas of control during migration to the new buildings. The process also included understanding the needs of the teams that were to occupy the buildings and ensuring that their needs, both professional and personal were accommodated in these highly-specialised locations.

Jonathan's experience in stakeholder management and requirements capturing has more recently been in use on the California High-Speed Rail programme where he has, as lead for Train Control and as system engineer, brought together requirements for all rail systems into a performance specification to allow the system to safely operate at 220mph with up to 12tph. A key item of work in this process was developing solutions to the multi-operator, commuter / freight areas at the north and south fringes using legacy systems. This involved problem identification and solving to develop proposals both short term and long term to allow all services to continue to operate safely.