byron higgins
  • Graduate Engineer
  • Sydney

Byron Higgins

Byron has coming up to 2 years of experience in the rail industry having joined Network Rail Consulting in early 2020. Previously he completed undergraduate engineering roles with Thiess Engineering and Energy Developments.

Byron joined Network Rail Consulting as a graduate in 2020. He has developed a keen interest in the development, implementation and introduction of ETCS and ATO systems, exercising a passion for the introduction of new technology in the railway.

Prior to joining Network Rail Consulting Byron held undergraduate roles based on the Theiss Moreton Bay Rail Link project and in the working Technology Development Team at Energy Developments.

Byron has a bachelor's degree in Engineering majoring in Electrical Engineering and Logistics Management’s from the Queensland University of Technology. He has an ever-expanding technical knowledge and is focused on the continuing progression of the rail industry both in Australia and internationally.

Byron is based in Sydney.