leon phillips
  • Managing Consultant, Operations
  • Sydney

Leon Phillips

Leon is a highly experienced engineer with over 13 years’ experience specialising in the maintenance and faulting of ETCS from managing the UK’s Cambrian Line. He has assisted with the development and improvement of ETCS for over ten years providing advice, support and guidance to international projects including in Australia, Dubai, Japan and the UK.  

Leon joined Network Rail (UK) in 2008 and moved to Australia thirteen years later, in May 2021 to join Network Rail’s international consulting business providing expert ETCS, maintenance and operations advice to several projects in and around Sydney.

Prior to joining Network Rail Consulting in 2021, Leon held the position of Signals and Telecoms Section Manager based in Machynlleth for Network Rail’s Cambrian Line in the UK. Leon worked on this ETCS Level 2 line since 2008 and worked on projects such as line speed increases and optimisations, level crossing removals, 100% green zone working and managed the closure and removal of AOCL’s.

Leon is an Affiliate of both the Institute of Rail Operators in Australia and Europe. He has received specialist ETCS training in Paris and in 2021 he attended European Railway Authority’s Intermediate ETCS training. He holds a Mechanical Engineering Level three and is based in Sydney.