• Associate Director, Infrastructure Maintenance Specialist
  • Sydney

Neil Hobden

Neil is a Chartered Professional Member (Civil Engineering) of Engineers Australia, who has multi-disciplinary experience gained within the rail industry over the past twenty-five years. Neil has extensive knowledge working within infrastructure and asset maintenance, together with experience in operations, safety management, change management, project management, stakeholder management and financial control.

His career to-date has included over five years spent leading the maintenance / renewal teams as a multi-disciplinary senior maintenance engineer, within a delivery unit. Previously he worked as a track maintenance engineer, within two different delivery units.

Neil was also seconded to the route maintenance team where he developed future asset management strategy plans and led with efficiency projects to support these (such as use of remote condition monitoring; Risk based maintenance and innovative IT data solutions). More recently Neil has been providing advice on worldwide practice to clients on varied technical issues to help improve their business.