sven vogeler
  • Managing Consultant, Communications Expert
  • Sydney

Sven Vogeler

Sven has over 25 years of telecommunications experience working with customers in the mobile communication industry in Europe, Asia and Australia. His career to-date has included over 15 years spent working as product manager and solution consultant in the mobile networks industry before entering the rail sector working with the Victorian, West Australian and New South Wales Government.

Sven joined Network Rail Consulting in October 2019 as Managing Consultant, Communications Expert for the Digital Systems Project.

Prior to joining Network Rail Consulting, Sven was Product Manager for Mobile Networks at Siemens in Munich, Germany and Senior Solutions Consultant for Nokia in Sydney. In the Rail industry he was the solution architect for the GSM-R DTRS (Digital Train Radio System) in Melbourne, the RRCN (Regional Rail Communication Network) DTRS integration project and the DTRS upgrade project from GSM-R to FRMCS (Future Rail Mobile Communication System), followed by Technical Advisor for the 4/5G PSMB (Public Services Mobile Broadband) project on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Sven has a Honours Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Portsmouth University (UK) and a Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from FH Hamburg (Germany).

Sven is based in Sydney.