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  • Senior Commercial Manager
  • Riyadh

James Heron

James is an experienced Commercial/Contracts Manager with a number of years’ experience at railway commercial and contracts management. His experiences include quantity surveying as part of contracts management. James has experience of a number of diverse disciplines and this enables him to develop a greater level of understanding of the management of contracts.

James also has strong experience of client integration particularly within his role at High Speed 1 as well as at assisting and contributing to the High Speed 1 Strategic Business Plan submission. He also has experience of working with Operator Agreements and Network Rail Provision Services Agreements. James was also involved in the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, working with the Olympic Delivery Authority as well as other clients to ensure successful delivery of the £6m upgrade project.

James is the Senior Commercial Manager on the North-South Railway in Saudi Arabia constructed by the Saudi Railway Company (SAR). This is a nationally important infrastructure project supporting the growth and diversification of the Saudi Arabian economy.