Asset Management & Maintenance

Good asset management – with robust data, precise planning and analysis and effective monitoring – can reduce lifecycle costs and improve the customer experience.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of asset management in railroad operations. For many years, asset management was not much more than fixing things when they broke.  But our experience in renewing an entire national network has shown that a carefully planned and managed approach pays big dividends in reduced costs, improved service and increased ridership.

Systematic Planning Pays Dividends

This systematic approach has made us world leaders in developing and applying integrated tools and techniques to monitor and manage rail assets.

More specifically, it can provide clients with a range of critical benefits.

Using our tried and tested approach, you can lower the life cycle costs of your assets. You will experience fewer failures. With our remote monitoring tools and early warning systems, components can be fixed or replaced before they disrupt passenger service. All of these techniques are a huge benefit, because they enable managers to make good decisions with confidence.

By looking after the detail carefully, your operation will benefit from better on-time performance, enhanced safety results, lower costs, reduced environmental impact and better staff morale and motivation. 

Using our proven and independently verified tools and techniques, our experts can strengthen the performance of clients’ assets so that your organization can achieve substantial long-term improvements in costs, reliability and safety.

Asset Management & Maintenance Services:

  • Asset Management Assessment
  • Enterprise Asset Management Development
  • Infrastructure Reliability Management
  • Maintenance Reviews
  • Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Risk Based Maintenance
  • Route Asset Management Plan Development
  • Standards Review & Development

Goal Development of a strategic asset management policy to cover a five-year period for our entire network.

Approach A central policy unit coordinated regional strategies for track, signaling, electrification and plant to produce a whole life costed plan. 

Result A $60 billion 5-year AM plan to secure a 20% cost reduction across the business and provide a roadmap for achieving future performance targets.