flemming castillo
  • Associate Director, Power Systems Engineer
  • Boston

Fleming Castillo

Fleming has over 12 years of Traction Electrification System experience. He has extensive experience in the operation and maintenance, asset management, leadership, and renewals of Traction Power Substations and Overhead Contact System.

Fleming joined Network Rail Consulting in 2022 as an Associate Director, Power Systems Engineer to support the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority assets management and other clients across the United States.

Prior to joining Network Rail, Fleming was the Traction Power Manager for the Regional Transportation District Commuter rail for over 6 years where he managed the team to operate and maintain the 25kvac Overhead Contact System and 115kvac/25kvac Traction Power Substations. Fleming’s highlights from this role were overseeing the commissioning testing for the Traction Electrification System, developing the team competencies thru proper training, asset management program development, asset renewal program development, annual business plan development & management, research/bid/purchasing of department equipment, standard operating procedures development, engineering changes to upgrade the system, system audits and more. Fleming also has over 5 years of experience on third rail systems from the Tren Urbano system, where he worked on the Traction Power System operation & maintenance.

Fleming has studied BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado and has an Electricity with Renewable Energy technical degree from the Art and Technology Lyceum of Puerto Rico. Furthermore, Fleming has completed several pieces of training and mentoring during his career, e.g., Network Rail High Speed 1 management mentoring, industry electrical safety, Traction Power protection equipment, Traction Power Substation & Overhead Contact System management training, and more.

Fleming is based in Boston, MA.