moira cairns
  • Data Analyst
  • New York

Moira D’vorah Cairns

Moira has four years' professional experience in data analytics.

Moira joined Network Rail Consulting in May 2022 as a data analyst in the support services division.

Prior to joining Network Rail Consulting, Moira was a metrics analyst at Jobson Healthcare Information, a subsidiary of WebMD. Before this, they spent three years with Superior Data Services, joining as a recent college graduate. Moira also spent a semester teaching high school mathematics at Brooklyn Collegiate Preparatory High School in the neighbourhood of Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York.

Moira earned a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy with a concentration in ethics and society from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in June 2018; they also have a Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate earned in November 2021.

Moira is based in New York.