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  • Associate Director, Signal Systems Maintenance Engineer
  • Boston

Trevor Campbell

Trevor has over 31 years railway experience within the Maintenance and Operations sector. He has extensive knowledge and experience in Maintenance Processes, Procedures and Asset Management. Managing multi discipline teams leading to exceptional results in change and asset reliability.

Trevor joined Network Rail Consulting (NRC) in January 2023 as an Associate Director, Signal Systems Maintenance Engineer. Trevor is working as an integrated team member to provide consultant advisory services in the field of signals, communications, and train control. He will be supporting the clients with proven maintenance, testing and renewal techniques, asset management process and data improvement, development of asset strategy and policies, and the trial and implementation of proven asset reliability initiatives.

Prior to joining NRC Trevor worked for Network Rail. Trevor has worked predominately in Maintenance within the Signalling and Telecommunication department. Trevor was appointed as a Programme Manager for the Track Worker Safety Programme, where he created a team to deliver new safety technology on the infrastructure that provided track workers with additional protection when working on track. Trevor was the first programme manager to install a Semi-Automatic Train Warning System (SATWS) in the UK.

Trevor studied Electronic Systems and Design in College. Trevor has passed various Signalling and Telecommunication technical courses from interlocking to signal testing with merit.

Trevor is based in Boston.