• J000726

2017 Timetable – TMP Assurance for Track Assets

Client: Sydney Trains

Location: Sydney

Start date: 2017

End date: 2017

Duration: 3 Months

Services provided: Track Consultancy

The 2017 timetable (TT-2017) involved a significant increase in services to be provided by Sydney Trains.

An independent review was commissioned to undertake a high-level review of the Technical Maintenance Plans (TMP’s) for Track Assets.

This determined whether implementation of the TT-2017 had impacted on the existing TMP’s regarding setting an asset service schedule.

The revised timetable represented a staged approach to implementing the Sydney Metro Northwest Integration Timetable, which is designed to meet four key NSW Government commitments:

  • Integrate Sydney Metro Northwest with the Sydney Trains network;
  • Provide two additional Western Line express services to the city in the AM peak;
  • Facilitate a reliable Western Line capacity of 20 trains per hour; and
  • Fully integrate the Southwest Rail Link (SWRL).

The scope of this project was to undertake a high-level of the TMP’s for the following lines:

  • Western Line T1 (Central Station – Emu Plains);
  • Bankstown Railway Line T3 (Redfern – Liverpool / Lidcombe); and
  • Carlingford Railway Line T6 (Clyde – Carlingford Terminus).

This was to determine if implementation of the TT-2017 would have impacted the existing TMP assurance for track access.

A secondary requirement was to identify any opportunities for improvement to the current inspection / maintenance regime by analysing current TMP’s against comparable Network Rail track standards.

The project required the completion of a report, which included:

  • Developed asset line strategy to annotate a forecast track category (against both Sydney Trains and Network Rail categorisation) to ascertain whether existing AMP adequately covered the increased TT-2017 track maintenance requirements; and
  • Produced accompanying report, to detail the above, as well as making further recommendations on effective asset management.

The output of this project was to confirm that the existing TMP’s can remain in steady state and meet the increased demand. In addition, that the undertaken analysis had identified several opportunities which were presented to Sydney Trains for their consideration.