Rail Management Review

Serco operate and maintain the Dubai Metro, and now having operated the railway for a number of years they are now looking for an independent review of their approach to rail management.

This review will ensure their current practices are in line with international best practice, and identify areas where there are areas for improvement and where they can benefit from new learning and advancements in technology.

Rail Management Review

The rail management review scope was developed between Network Rail Consulting and Serco to cover the key areas of rail management. This scope included an overall review of the rail management strategy, with an additional focus on grinding machine capability and the rail/wheel interface compatibility on the Dubai Metro.

  • review Serco Dubai Metro current grinding strategy/process and compare with best practice
  • review grinding machine capability & utilisation and compare with best practice
  • review physical condition of rail asset
  • comment on rail/wheel interface.

Rail Management Review

To be able to deliver the clients requirements quickly and efficiently our review was completed by a combination of desktop studies in the UK and site visits to Dubai to inspect the rail.

The review has identified changes to the management of rail that will improve the performance and life of the rail assets and reduce both the maintenance and asset renewal costs.

Client: Serco

Location: Dubai, UAE

Start date: 2014 (June)

End date: 2014 (August)

Duration: 3 months

Services provided: Asset management plan development, in-service analysis & reliability growth planning, maintenance structure auditing & benchmarking, track/permanent way