Remote Condition Monitoring Sydney Trains

Over the last few years Sydney Trains have been implementing remote condition monitoring on their rolling stock and have recently moved their focus to the rail infrastructure.

Sydney trains had challenging timescales to start the installation of this equipment, whilst at the same time ensuring it was fit for purpose and adopted best practice within the rail industry.

Given Network Rail’s performance in the last 10 years we were approached by Sydney Trains to discuss our approach and lessons learnt. Following these discussions Network Rail were approached to support Sydney Trains initial purchase of points monitoring equipment.

Remote Condition Monitoring Sydney Trains

Network Rail Consulting were requested to support Sydney Trains in the following areas:

  • prepare procurement strategy
  • prepare concept design
  • support the tender documentation preparation
  • support the tender process.

Remote Condition Monitoring Sydney Trains

The key output was the issue of the tender documentation and contract award within the timescales agreed at the start of the project. With our experience we were able to reduce Sydney Trains timescales by 6 months and ensure the approach adopted was robust and based on Network Rail best practice.

Remote Condition Monitoring for Points & Track

Client: Sydney Trains

Location: Sydney, Australia

Start date: 2014 (January)

End date: 2014 (August)

Duration: 6 months

Services provided: Asset degradation, data capture, risk-based maintenance