Southern Train Lengthening Programme

This major programme focused on allowing the operation of longer trains on key routes within the south east of England in order to meet rapid growth in passeger demand.

The relevant train operating companies have been able to lengthen train formations in the high peak and peak three hours as a result of this programme of enhancements.

This has enabled them to deliver the greater passenger capacity into the following London terminus stations:

  • Fenchurch Street
  • Liverpool Street
  • Waterloo
  • London Bridge
  • Victoria.

Southern Train Lengthening Programme

The National Station Improvement Programme (NSIP) is a joint industry initiative aimed at delivering station improvements to over 160 stations.

The platform lengthening schemes vary enormously in complexity involving both minor civil construction to large-scale bridge reconstruction, signalling moves, track moves and station reconstruction.

All work is planned to be undertaken with the minimal impact on the operational railway and station operations.

Southern Train Lengthening Programme

The programme of enhancements provided the following capability:

  • 10-car capability on certain suburban services on the Wessex route into Waterloo
  • 10-car capability on selected suburban services on the Sussex route into Victoria
  • 10-car capability on chosen suburban services on the Sussex route into London Bridge
  • 12-car capability on the Sussex route from East Grinstead into Victoria and London Bridge
  • 12-car capability on elected Kent route suburban services into Victoria and London Bridge
  • 8-car capability on the Kent route (Maidstone East line) into Victoria
  • 12-car capability on the Anglia route (Tilbury Loop and Ockendon Branch) into Fenchurch Street
  • 12-car capability on certain West Anglia services on the Anglia route into Liverpool Street.

The project has provided a substantial increase in capacity in a number of key passenger routes into London.

Client: UK Department for Transport

Location: Southern England, UK

Start date: 2009

End date: 2014

Duration: 59 months

Contract value: £335m

Services provided: Programme management, station redevelopment & renewal, feasibility design