Robyn Crowley land
  • Bid Manager
  • Melbourne

Robyn Crowley

Robyn has 30 years’ experience in the engineering industry as a bid and technical document coordinator, technical writer, project administrator, executive assistant and as an office manager. During her career, she has worked predominantly in technical support roles within the engineering industry, including more than 10 years of providing document editing and management, and writing support for bid preparation and technical reports. Robyn joined Network Rail Consulting in January 2022 to support the Australian consultancy business, as Bid Manager.

Prior to joining Network Rail, Robyn worked across various project stages with Advisian’s Rail and Power Consulting teams, assisting with opportunity and bid management, project management and coordination. Her most recent assignment was in a client facing role assisting in the project management of a team of SMEs to ensure the timely and effective delivery of a government rail infrastructure project. She was responsible for preparing and managing technical RFP documents and assisted the Client with the coordination of the technical component in its tender evaluation.

Robyn has a Certificate of Business Administration and is a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals.

Robyn is based in Melbourne.